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Supercharge your software

Tap into the resume, contact, social, and demographic information for 3.2+ Billion unique individuals and 61.2+ Million companies.

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We are the leader in global data

Our unparalleled coverage is available in every continent


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Powering products across industries

Our rich knowledge graph powers world-class solutions across multiple verticals.

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HR Tech

Enhance candidate data with deeper resume attributes, contact information, and more

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Sales & Marketing

Clean, standardize, and enhance leads to supercharge sales and marketing platforms

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Investment Intelligence

Bring a competitive advantage your investment strategy with market and company insights

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Fraud & Identity

Utilize customer information to flag synthetic identities during onboarding and registration

Delivered the way you need it

Access timely, trusted data through our suite of APIs or bulk delivery.

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Person Enrichment API

Augment your data with hundreds of attributes from our person dataset.

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Person Search API

Query our person dataset to find targeted segments of profiles.

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Company Enrichment API

Enrich your own data with specific inputs to pull full, fresh company records.

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Company Search API

Query our full dataset to find targeted segments of companies.

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IP Enrichment API

Enrich IP addresses with detailed company, person, location, and metadata information.

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Data License

On-premise and flat-file bulk delivery for large data volumes.

Get started in minutes

Our easy to use RESTful APIs and SDKs enable your team get started with a few lines of code.

1import requests, json
3# Set your API key
6# Set the Autocomplete API URL
7PDL_URL = "https://api.peopledatalabs.com/v5/autocomplete"
9# Create a parameters JSON object
10PARAMS = {
11    "api_key": API_KEY,
12    "field": "school",
13    "text": "stanf",
14    "size": 10,
15    "pretty": True
18# Pass the parameters object to the Autocomplete API
19json_response = requests.get(PDL_URL, params=PARAMS).json()
21# Print the API response in JSON format

Easily integrate with your systems

Append, transform, and sync data across the systems you use.

We champion leading security and compliance standards so you can build with peace of mind

Learn about our world-class security

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SOC 2 Type 2

We are compliant with SOC 2 Type 2 as defined by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

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ISO 27001

We are compliant with ISO 27001, the international gold standard for information security management systems (ISMS) and their requirements.

Setting the Standard as an Industry Leader

We are trusted by innovators to power their products and are ranked as best-in-class from over 60,000 products on SourceForge.

People Data Labs Reviews


Trusted by businesses and loved by developers

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"People Data Labs has managed to build an extremely extensive data platform with their innovative data co-op approach. The applications that can benefit from this resource are uncountable and really only bound by their creators' imaginations. However the greatest strength of the PDL platform is the level of command the PDL team has attained over managing updates and additions to the data set. I am equally satisfied with PDL's attention to customer success and satisfaction, well done."

John Z, Director of Data Products at Censia

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