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About us

Our company has enabled thousands of engineering, data science, product, and other technical teams to build compliant, innovative, people data based software solutions.

Our Story

At PDL we know that every company is rapidly transforming to solve problems in a more data-driven and people-driven manner. In order to succeed, companies are forming data departments, pivoting their focus into data acquisition, and doubling down on legal, security, and compliance to protect themselves. For these organizations, clean, rich, and compliant person data is critical and PDL is here to meet that demand.

Founded in 2015 by Henry Nevue and Sean Thorne, People Data Labs began as recruiting software, intended to help companies better understand and source candidates. Quickly, it became clear that our work extended far beyond recruiting. Henry and Sean began finding more and more diverse clients requesting access to PDL's raw data.

Today, the PDL platform seeks to enable all companies to build compliant people data solutions. Our sole focus is on building the best data available by integrating thousands of compliantly-sourced datasets into a single, developer-friendly source of truth. Our person and company profiles are used by leading companies to enrich recruiting platforms, power AI models, create custom audiences, and more.

Our Values

Developer tested

We simplify and streamline with our customers in mind. We make it as easy as possible for any technically-inclined person to test, consume, and leverage our data for innovative use cases.

Enterprise approved

In the next decade we will see a massive shift as technical teams at Fortune 1000 companies seek to enhance their products with people data based innovation. It is our mission to be the best technical partner while providing the global compliance frameworks enterprises require.

Responsibly managed

Data can be extremely powerful. When used for good it can enhance the lives of the billions of people throughout the world. We only work with legitimate businesses whose products are being built to better people's lives. Read more in our Acceptable Data Use Policy.

Our Funders
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Our Team
Headshot of Sean Thorne
Sean Thorne
Co-Founder & CEO
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Headshot of Henry Nevue
Henry Nevue
Co-Founder & President
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Headshot of Alex Bahouth
Alex Bahouth
Chief Technology Officer
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Headshot of Varun Villait
Varun Villait
Chief Product Officer
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Headshot of Shane Price
Shane Price
General Manager, People & Revenue
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Headshot of Ben Eisenberg
Ben Eisenberg
VP of Innovation
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Headshot of Dan Shamouilian
Dan Shamouilian
VP of Customer Success
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Headshot of Madeleine Stanley
Madeleine Stanley
VP of Finance
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Headshot of Lindsay Warren
Lindsay Warren
VP of Marketing/Growth
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Headshot of Sam Bortol
Sam Bortol
Director, Technical Services
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Headshot of Alexandra Della Santa
Alexandra Della Santa
People Operations Manager
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Headshot of Brooke Threewitt
Brooke Threewitt
Sr Manager, RevOps and Enablement
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Headshot of Jeremy Schwartz
Jeremy Schwartz
Engineering Manager
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Headshot of Tim Hutchison
Tim Hutchison
Engineering Manager
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Headshot of Tyler Scheuble
Tyler Scheuble
Engineering Manager
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