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People Data Labs- Engineering-led Company

A foundational engineering company and culture


People Data Labs builds massive datasets of people data. We are an engineering-led company where all problems are solved with an ego-free, engineering mindset. We get more done with less by applying first principles, work hard, and have fun. If engineering or business is truly your passion, then we are the team you've always wanted to work with - everyone here is just like you.

An engineering culture 

data enrichment
Business people too, must think like engineers

All team members, whether an engineer, or a business person are technical. We can all speak and think like an engineer, leading to a culture where focus is put on the proper priorities. 



data standardization
No fluff 

We are building a foundational engineering company. Focus is placed on building data, and solving customer problems. Almost nothing else is prioritized.



data deduplication
Higher expectations

Everyone who works here gets far more done than their counterparts at other companies. Our team is made up of high energy, productive teammates - and we do not tolerate anything less.

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A culture for unique engineers, and high energy business people

more context in your data


Our engineering team is led by both non-traditional thinking, as well as some of the best academic research. Technologies used include hadoop, Elasticsearch, Python, Scala, and Go. Help us build out our global identity database. We hire engineers who's passion is to code for the majority of their waking hours, in most cases coding since a young age.

better data insights


We work closely with our customers to solve their problems and develop excellent relationships. We are competitive yet calm, smart and consultative, unwaveringly confident yet humble, self-starter type people. Working with customers is a passion, not work. We hire business people who have unique hustling and consulting abilities.

A Core commitment to our teammates



Solving hard problems requires exceptional talent. If you like what you've read on this page, then you will likely thrive here.

Everyone we hire is capable of owning their own work, is hyper-intelligent, calm, humble, and motivated. Our core belief is that unless someone is world class in at least one skill, there is no need to hire them. Our culture supports extremely unique engineering talent, and our core commitment is that everyone on our team can own their own work.

We believe a small team of truly unique people can out compete a large team of above average people.

We are profitable and backed by leading data science venture capital firms 8VC and Susa Ventures.

We value unequivocally loyal teammates and return the favor with high equity and raises based solely on performance. We also have plans to issue annual year end bonnuses + dividends similar to a hedge fund, perhaps as soon as 2018. Our co-founders and leadership will run through walls, doing anything at all, at any cost, for our loyal teammates. Apply if you want to spend the next decade here building a foundational engineering company.


Benefits include:
  • Competitive Salary
  • Aggressive Equity
  • Health & Dental Coverage
  • 401k
  • Book/further education credits
  • Coffee/tea subscription
  • Own your work