An engineering led company

The next decade will see all enterprises become data companies, including their people data. We're committed to working with engineering teams at enterprises who are building internal people data infrastructure, people data, and insights on top of their people data.


Leadership Team

Sean Thorne
Co-Founder & CEO

Sean consults with our customers to help them build people data infrastructure solutions. Previously, he co-founded two other venture backed startups.

Henry Nevue
Co-Founder & President

Henry leads our engineering team, building our data platform and working with customers. Previously, he has built several other data platforms in the people data space.

Daniel Amaya

Daniel comes from Wells Fargo Forensic, where he led entity resolution efforts from a machine learning standpoint to unmask fradulent account identities. He has authored numerous top open source repositories, and has experience managing and scaling large engineering teams at Oracle and Intel. 

Yuan Zhao
Director, Engineering

Yuan comes from IBM Watson Labs, the machine learning/AI division of IBM. He has solved entity resolution problems from a machine learning standpoint over the past decade, and holds a masters in computer science from New York University.

Sean Thon
Director, Engineering

With past experience managing infrastructure at the IRS, Sean brings a talented background to TalentIQ. He believes in scalable approaches that maximize security. Sean has three adorable kids, and grew up in Fresno, California before moving on to Silicon Valley.

James Beedy
Director, Engineering

James is a Cloud Solutions Architect hailing from Portland, OR. With strong roots in the open source communities that drive our products, James brings a wealth of community presence to PeopleDataLabs and vice versa.


Lindsay Nelson
VP, Marketing

Lindsay is a co-founder of two previous companies in the enterprise space. She can code, and loves to run market segmentations in her spare time.

Laura Rennels
Director, Business

Laura comes from UC Berkeley, graduating in statistics. She can code, and brings an engineering mindset to consulting. In her spare time, she loves to run data visualizations, read, and run.

Madi Stanley
Director, Finance

Madi comes from UC Berkeley, where she majored in statistics. She can code, and is interested in finance, data science, and hedge fund analysis.

Backed by the best in data science

We've made a core engineering commitment to our customers, and we back it up in the board room, partnering with engineers, not business people. We are backed by two great Silicon Valley venture capital firms focused on data science - 8VC and Susa Ventures.

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