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People Data Enrichment API for your Customers

customer data

Access data on your customers, to better segment customers for marketing, predict recommendations of specific products, and further sales. We can build a golden list of your entire market, both companies and contacts for targeted marketing campaigns to increase your customer base. We have 1.5 billion people and 42 million companies, many of whom are your customers or your potential customers. 



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a 360 degree view on your customers

Access vast quantities of rich, insightful data at affordable rates and with zero usage restrictions - you own the data.

contact data


Access many contact information data points per customer or perspective customer, including mobile phone, personal email, work email, home address, and more. 





B2B and B2C
b2b and b2c customers


Gain access to millions of target customer profiles all at once, and use the data as your superpower to recommend products, empower upsells/sales, and more.






other types of customers


Leverage our people data as a base to build predictive modeling, market targeting, recommend products by segmenting your customers, add to your product, and more.  




Something Powerful

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Powerful technology builds our data


We are a data science company that builds people data related technology. Our technology is trusted by enterprises for their internal people data infrastructure. Leveraging this same technology, we have built out our massive dataset, and it is this data that we make available.

Since our focus is not selling data, we can offer your enterprise massive quantities of accurate data at low rates. 


powerful data standardization technology

 data on every prospect in your b2b or b2c market

B2B Data

B2b data

Access data on companies and the decision makers within your target market with work emails, job titles, seniority, office location, and other b2b relevant data fields provided by People Data Labs.

B2C Data

b2c data

Access data on consumers, including personal emails, mobile phone, home address, and many other relevant data points provided by People Data Labs.

No strings attached

Data is the new oil. Access massive quantities of data on people. You own the data with zero license restrictions, and may use the data as you wish.