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A powerful data union


People Data Labs facilitates a 100% opt-in data sharing platform among our B2B and B2C clients and partners. We leverage this powerful, unified source of data to power all of our products, as well as make the data available itself.


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A dataset of 1.2 billion unique people

Our data union partners have enabled us to build out, and maintain the information on 1,200,000,000 people. This dataset can be leveraged by your business. 50% of our clients share their data with us for a discount, while 50% of our clients choose not to share their data with us. When you work with us, you do not have to share your data.

data enrichment
extremely competitive pricing

People Data Labs' match rates are 20-40% better than competitors according to independent tests. Data union partners get access to this data at aggressively competive rates.



data standardization
safe handling of data 

Your data points are used to append, enrich and update fields on people and companies that we already have in a private and safe manner.  By default, participating companies are kept anonymous.



data deduplication
Priority partner benefits

We work closely with our customers to launch the most powerful APIs needed to fuel their products, apps and workflows. Data union partners get first access to our latest technologies.


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zero impact on your data

more context in your data

safe and secure 

The data companies contribute to the data union is safe, secure, and uncompromised. People Data Labs does not have the ability to access or alter the data within your databases. 

better data insights

Improved entity resolution

Contributing data to the data union helpsPeople Data Lab make logical connections between entities, and improves the accuracy of our data, which in turn has a secondary benefit to customers. 

data across verticals & departments



B2B companies from mid-market to enterprise in size can participate in the data union by contributing their existing data, and receiving the new and targeted data they seek in return. This exchange system enables companies to efficiently access new person and company data points from a wide variety of industry verticals and workflow management tools, at no cost. 

Rich entities across verticals:
  • Software / Technology
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Healthcare