The TalentIQ Solution


full-screen.png Over 40 Verified Data Points per Person

We include over 40 verified data points per person, including contact information, employment history, education, personal and social profile data. Use TalentIQ to automatically update and enrich profile data that's gone stagnant.

layers.png Highest Quality Data with 87% Match Rates

We match people profile data at an average rate of 87%, meaning you're getting the best quality data possible to power your product. Our API provides rich, structured data on over 380 Million people.

scheme.png Responsive API Enables Depth-of-Product

Our responsive API is ready for use in a variety of different ways. Implement it within your candidate onboarding flow, Job Board, ATS, Analytics, Marketplace, or other HR Tech product. Use our data to automatically fill forms during registration and onboarding to increase conversions.

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