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AWS Data Exchange

Centralize your data purchases over the AWS Data Exchange.

About AWS Data Exchange

AWS Data Exchange is a service that makes it easy for AWS customers to securely exchange file-based data sets in the AWS Cloud.

As a subscriber, you can find and subscribe to thousands of products from qualified data providers. Then, you can quickly download the data set or copy it to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for use across a variety of AWS analytics and machine learning services. Anyone with an AWS account can be an AWS Data Exchange subscriber. For information about becoming a subscriber, see Subscribing to data products on AWS Data Exchange.

Available Datasets
Free Company Dataset »

Analyze 14.1+ Million global companies and their attributes in our free company dataset.

Person Data License »

Our person dataset contains 3.2+ Billion profiles on people in our identity graph.

Company Data License »

Our company dataset contains 60.3+ Million profiles of companies in our identity graph.

Top Employers by Metro »

Understand the top employers in an area (and the concentration of employees) to better understand how likely the MSA will be impacted by the macro-economic situations affecting individual companies.

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