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Why All Enterprises Will Become People Data Companies

This whitepaper examines data best practices from data leaders like Amazon, Nordstrom and Netflix.

Madison Logic Case Study

Madison Logic is the global leader in accounts-based marketing. COO, Vin Turk, describes how People Data Labs creates value for them.

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Form Automation

This guide covers what is possible now thanks to smart form automation, as well as which tangible benefits you can expect to gain from this technology.

The Problem With Searching Through Unstructured Data

Unstructured data is a big problem and it's only growing. Learn how businesses can maximize value from ther datasets.

The Fall 2016 HR Data Trends Report

The Fall 2016 Report explores HR workflow inefficiences, issues affecting data searchability, and more.

Workable Case Study

Workable is the leading Applicant Tracking Software platform for SMBs. CEO, Nikos Moraitakis, describes how People Data Labs creates value for them.

The Spring 2016 People Data Trends report

This year's study examines trends and challenges that employees who use workflow management tools are facing.

HR Technology Whitepaper

Learn how HR Technology Companies joining the 'Intelligent Era' are using data in innovative ways to positively affect their bottom line.

The Spring 2016 HR Data Trends report

We analyzed over 380 million candidate records and polled over 1,200 HR professionals on their use of candidate data.