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Case Study: how Madison Logic uses People Data Labs

Madison Logic: The global leader in accounts-based marketing solutions

"We looked at 8 different vendors. People Data Labs (formerly TalentIQ) was matching at

the highest rate and they were the most flexible. It was important to us to find a partner

committed to innovation, and this is People Data Labs' core competency, this is their focus."



- Vin Turk, Co-founder & COO of Madison Logic







Full story:

Madison Logic is the global leader in accounts-based marketing solutions. They use People Data Labs (formerly TalentIQ) to enrich people and company data within their platform and deliver deeper insights to their customers.  Vin Turk, Co-founder & COO of Madison Logic, describes how People Data Labs creates value for them


“My name is Vin Turk, I’m the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Madison Logic. We are the global leader in accounts-based marketing. We help our clients connect to the organizations that are in-market to buy their products, leveraging both demand generation and branding and awareness solutions. It was important to us to find a partner that was committed to innovation, and really looking ahead to not only 2017 but ultimately 2018 and 2019 to what the needs of our customers will be looking forward.


We looked at about eight different vendors and we noticed that TalentIQ was matching at the highest rate and they were the most flexible to accommodate the data that we had on business professionals and the manner in which they can provide back additional insights on those folks. At a high level they help us solve a very important problem, and that is to gain a true understanding of all the characteristics of an individual and the organization that they are employed at.


Since we first integrated with their platform, we’ve scaled up our throughput probably by 5x throughout this process. They’ve been very flexible and helpful in allowing us to scale from a few hundred records per minute to a few thousand records per minute. There are a number of vendors that provide competitive solutions to their platform, and what’s really great about working with them is that this is their core competency. This is their focus. So when we evaluate who we want to partner with, it really does boil down to where they’re going to be focusing their efforts, their engineering resources in the coming years.


Within the first 30 days of working with their platform, we’ve already enriched 30 Million profiles across the globe. We have about 13 different fields that we store on business professionals throughout the world. Through their API we’re able to send a variety of about up to 17 different combinations of these fields to ensure that they’re able to match them appropriately and provide us additional insights and information on these profiles.


By leveraging their platform we’re excited to bring to market new insights and data points that typically aren’t looked at by our clients because they didn’t know that they existed. When we bring these insights together with our existing data set, it provides a new type of robust view into an organization and we found that only their platform can help enable us to do that.


I would highly recommend TalentIQ to others looking to fill gaps in their data strategy.”


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