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Case Study: how workable uses People Data Labs

Workable: A leading Applicant Tracking System for SMBs


"I can tell you that People Data Labs (formerly TalentIQ) is the best service out there, and I can

back it up with numbers. Because we have worked with almost every provider out there,

we have developed our own internal test suite to assess how good a service is in several dimensions.

TalentIQ is the best."



- Nikos Moraitakis, CEO Workable







Full story:

Workable is the leading Applicant Tracking Software platform for SMB and Mid-market companies. They use People Data Labs (formerly TalentIQ) to power critical functionality within their software, and have built an internal test suite to analyze the performance of their multiple data partners. Their team of data scientists have found that TalentIQ consistently performs best. Nikos Moraitakis, CEO of Workable, describes how TalentIQ creates value for them


"My name is Nikos, I'm the CEO of Workable, the most popular recruiting software for SMBs. We use TalentIQ to enrich candidate profiles. The problem that TalentIQ solves for us is that it allows us, with a simple integration, to collect, aggregate, clean up, match, deduplicate, information about candidates without having to actually produce the technology and do the effort ourselves.


We have a team of 14 data scientists working on this for a year, and we still don't think that we have the capability ourselves to solve this problem when our main focus is building a recruiting product. We'd rather have a provider that is super focused on doing this and doing this well.


One way to guess which partners are going to be better in two years is by looking at their team. Is there evidence that they have the capability to develop technological solutions that are a little bit more advanced than others? Because this is a very fast moving space. Information is fragmented, the sources are changing, so we knew that we wanted someone who was going to evolve over time.


I can tell you that TalentIQ is the best service out there and I can back it up with numbers. Because we have worked with almost every provider out there, we have developed our own internal test suite to assess how good a service is in several dimensions, and I think TalentIQ is the best. The quality of data, the reliability, the uniqueness of data, it is a very consistent very reliable source that has a high match rate and provides us with information that is clean, and that we can trust.


It is a product created by technologists, for technologists."



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