Person retrieve api

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Data retrieval made easy

Directly access up-to-date person records to fill-in missing data and refresh entire datasets quickly and scalably.
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Adopt a single identifier for people

Use persistent identifiers to specify exact person records with guaranteed repeatability and consistency across data versions and releases. Access complete and up-to-date records from a single source of truth.

Refresh entire datasets on-demand

Streamline your data refresh process by directly pulling up-to-date records from the Person Dataset. Save time and money by updating your entire dataset or smaller subsets on-demand, only paying for records with new information.

Solutions for the modern data workflow

Introducing a new paradigm for data updates

The unique identifier for each record in the Person Dataset.

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    Standardized and persistent across versions

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    Unique and already present for every record

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    Compatible across PDL Endpoints

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    Shareable across users for easy collaboration

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Person Retrieve API

Direct record retrieval from the Person Dataset

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    Direct access to records from Person Dataset

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    Returns most up-to-date data straight from the source

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    Fast and scalable API

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    Billing model ensures each retrieval has value

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Look up profiles in three easy steps

Our Person Retrieve API is built for developers, by developers.


Find PDL IDs

PDL IDs are provided anywhere we provide our Person Dataset, regardless of how that profile was accessed. For example: person profiles from the Person Enrichment API, Person Search API, Company Insights Field Bundles and Data License flat files all contain PDL IDs.


Query Person Retrieve API

Provide the PDL ID for the record you would like to access to the Person Retrieve API.


Get your results

Get up the best matching result containing a standardized entity record with a unique identifier. Use the unique identifier to build precise queries for the Person or Company Search APIs.

What will you build?