autocomplete api

Instant search bar functionality

Generate intelligent suggestions to build wholistic applications around Person and Company Data.
Instant results

Generate suggestions as soon as users start typing

11 fields

Display suggestions for job titles, company names, locations and more

Intelligent sorting

Suggestions are ranked using frequency of occurrence across our Person Dataset

Search API compatible

Directly pass suggestions into queries for our Person and Company Search APIs

Add a search UI for your product or platform

Provide intelligent search keywords to users as they type and get instant suggestions in real-time. Build quickly using our developer-friendly API.

How does it work?

Our Autocomplete API is built for developers, by developers.


Select field

Specify the type of field you would like to generate an autocomplete suggestion for. Choose from 11 different fields including: job title, company, location, school, industries, roles/subroles, skills, majors, and more.


Provide seed text

Send an API call with the text from your input field as it is typed in.


Get your results

Get up to 100 autocomplete suggestions ranked by frequency with each call. When a search is executed, feed results into the Person or Company Search API as query parameters.

What will you build?