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Sales & Marketing

Clean account data or enhance your company data to create better audiences.

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Investment Intelligence

Maintain your portfolio database, analyze company headcount changes, and expand your understanding of the employee composition of a specific organization.

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Fraud & Identity

Build informed risk models to confidently identify and categorize suspicious events and bad-actors.

Integrate with company data APIs

Get started in minutes with APIs for any scale.

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Company Enrichment API

Augment your data using our company dataset.

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Company Search API

Query our full dataset to find targeted segments of companies.

Delivered the way you need it

Use our integrations to easily integrate our data into your existing workflows without writing a single line of code.

Developer-first, compliant data with unbeatable customer support

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Production Ready

We dedicate significant engineering resources towards building and maintaining our datasets so you don’t have to.

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Global coverage at scale

Get up-to-date information on emails, phone numbers, and social profiles, as well as work, education, and location history for 3.2+ Billion profiles.

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Compliant & secure

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance with our industry-leading data security and transparency practices.


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"PDL helps us solve a very important problem by gaining a true understanding of all the characteristics of an individual and the organization they are employed at."

Vin Turk, Co-Founder & CEO of Madison Logic

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