Cleaner api

Level-up your data cleaning

Access our free data cleaning utilities to reliably handle raw user input and efficiently manage unstandardized data at scale.
Clean raw strings

Consistently resolve raw strings to standardized PDL entities

Thoroughly Tested

Access the same logic powering our Person and Company Enrichment APIs

Three endpoints

Leverage PDL's company, location and school datasets

Search API compatible

Directly pass suggestions into queries for our Person and Company Search APIs

Your all-in-one data cleaning utility

Sanitize user input

Resolve international characters and spellings, standardize formatting and whitespace, and strip urls to base domain.

Standardize your own datasets

Standardize internal references to companies, locations and schools within your dataset, as well as data structures and informational content. Match different inputs to the same single value.

Integrate with People Data Labs APIs

Access unique identifiers for company location and school entities. Build exact queries for the Search API using these unique identifiers, and create your own Company, Location and School Enrichment APIs.

How does it work?

Our Cleaner API is built for developers, by developers.


Pick an endpoint

We offer 3 different endpoints: Company, Location and School Cleaner APIs. Each endpoint automatically resolves input to the specified type of entity.


Provide input

For the Company and School Cleaners, provide a raw name, company website or link to public profile. For location, provide a raw location name.


Get your results

Get up the best matching result containing a standardized entity record with a unique identifier. Use the unique identifier to build precise queries for the Person or Company Search APIs.

What will you build?