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Level-up your data standardization

Access our free data cleaning APIs to reliably handle raw user input against foundational datasets.

Clean Raw Strings image
Clean raw strings

Resolve raw strings to standardized entities for locations, companies, and schools.

Three Endpoints image
Three Endpoints

Leverage PDL's company, location, and school datasets.

Search API Compatible image
Search API compatible

Directly pass results into queries for our Search APIs using standardized values.

Your all-in-one data cleaning utility

Sanitize user input

Clean text, standardize formatting, and match input data to our base datasets of companies, schools, and locations.

Standardize your own datasets

Create a reliable internal reference within your platform to help organize searches against our company and person datasets.

Integrate with People Data Labs APIs

Access unique identifiers for company, location, and school entities. Build exact queries for the Search API using these unique identifiers instead of raw input.

Built to use with the Person Search API

Clean your company, school, and location records to retrieve the best results

Company Cleaner API

Input the name of the company that you want to identify in any format and return:

  • The matching company along with the company record in JSON format
Location Cleaner API

Input the name of the location that you want to identify in any format and return:

  • The matching location along with the location record in JSON format
School Cleaner API

Input the name of the school that you want to identify in any format and return:

  • The matching school along with the school record in JSON format

Built for developers, by developers

Our easy to use RESTful API and SDKs let you get started in a few lines of code

1import requests, json
3# Set your API key
6# Set the Autocomplete API URL
7PDL_URL = "https://api.peopledatalabs.com/v5/autocomplete"
9# Create a parameters JSON object
10PARAMS = {
11    "api_key": API_KEY,
12    "field": "school",
13    "text": "stanf",
14    "size": 10,
15    "pretty": True
18# Pass the parameters object to the Autocomplete API
19json_response = requests.get(PDL_URL, params=PARAMS).json()
21# Print the API response in JSON format

How does it work?

The Cleaner APIs are built to make your data highly actionable.

Provide an input

For the Company and School Cleaner APIs, provide a raw name, company website, or link to a public profile. For the Location Cleaner API, provide a raw location name.

Get results

Retrieve the best matching result containing a standardized entity record with a unique identifier.

Enhance search queries

Use the unique identifier to build precise queries for the Person or Company Search APIs.

What will you build?