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Boost your company data with instant enrichment

Our Company Enrichment API helps you retrieve unique insights from our company dataset.

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Flexible & developer-friendly

On-demand access

Look up profiles without having to host or manage a dataset yourself. The API offers high quality data using proprietary matching logic.

Pay for what you use

We charge per match, letting you define match strictness and required fields to ensure you get maximum value.

Fresh data

Every record you get back is the most up-to-date version we have in our dataset, refreshed each month.

Built to scale

We beat industry-leading latency standards to meet your speed and volume needs.

Solutions for any industry or use case

Customers trust our Company Enrichment API to power their products.

use case
HR Tech

Flag churn risk, score company health, and learn about talent at the aggregate level.

use case
Sales & Marketing

Clean, standardize, and enhance leads to supercharge sales and marketing projects.

use case
Investment Intelligence

Maintain your portfolio database, analyze company headcount changes, and expand your understanding of the employee composition of a specific organization.

use case
Fraud & Identity

Companies don't commit fraud, people do. Observe key headcount changes at a company and identify risk before it's too late.

Built for developers, by developers

Our easy to use RESTful API and SDKs let you get started in a few lines of code

1import requests, json
3# Set your API key
6# Set the Autocomplete API URL
7PDL_URL = "https://api.peopledatalabs.com/v5/autocomplete"
9# Create a parameters JSON object
10PARAMS = {
11    "api_key": API_KEY,
12    "field": "school",
13    "text": "stanf",
14    "size": 10,
15    "pretty": True
18# Pass the parameters object to the Autocomplete API
19json_response = requests.get(PDL_URL, params=PARAMS).json()
21# Print the API response in JSON format

Easily integrate with your systems

Append, transform, and sync data across the systems you use.


How does it work?

The Company Enrichment API is built for developers, by developers

Specify the profile you want

The Company Enrichment API allows you to use name, website, location, social profile, ticker and more to look up specific profiles.

Find the best match from our Company Dataset

We will intelligently find the best matching record in the Person Dataset based on your inputs.

API returns the full profile of the best matching record

You get back the entire profile or just the fields you want.

Talk to a data consultant

Schedule a call to discuss your data needs with an expert in your industry.

Start building today

Are you ready to dive into the data? Get started right now for free.