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Our datasets include hundreds of unique data points for over 3 billion person profiles and over 23 million companies.

Contact Fields | Person Data

Contact data refers to the contact information of decision makers in companies. Business contact lists are mostly used by marketers and sales teams e.g. in lead enrichment and account based marketing.


The person’s full name


The person’s gender


The birth date of the person


Personal and professional phone numbers


Personal and professional emails

Social Profiles

20+ profiles including Facebook, Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, and more


Current and previous addresses and location details

Recommended Personal Email

The best available email to reach the person

Resume Fields | Person Data

Resume data refers to the education and professional information of business decision-makers, employees, and job seekers. Resume fields are mostly used by HR tech teams to match candidates with opportunities as well as sales & marketing teams to search for and quality leads.


Current and previous employer details such as industry, location, year founded and more

Job Title

Current and previous job titles, levels, roles, and sub roles with start and end dates

Professional Skills & Interests

User-inputted skills and interests


School details, start dates, end dates, degrees, majors, minors, GPAs, and more

Certifications & Languages

Certifications and languages known

O*Net Code

The 8-digit O*NET code and groups for the person’s current job title


User-inputted summaries for their job work history and experience

Inferred Salary

The inferred salary range (USD) for the person's current job

Inferred Years of Experience

The person's inferred years of total work experience


Person Risk Fields | Person Data

Person risk attributes contain enhanced tracking and sourcing information for fraud prevention, identity resolution, and know your customer processes.

Additional PII Subfields

Enhanced field information such as date first seen, date last seen, and number of sources for emails, phones, addresses, and social profiles

Social Connections

Number of LinkedIn connections and Facebook friends

Associated Data

Full list of associated phone numbers, email addresses, locations, and more for the profile