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License our global person and company datasets to support macro-scale research and modeling.

Fuel your data product with unlimited access

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Get exactly what you need

Choose the slice of data you need to power your project or platform.

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Choose your delivery method

We deliver via cloud providers, the Amazon Data Exchange, Snowflake, or an FTP server.

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Always fresh and accurate

Get the most up-to-date record in our dataset, refreshed quarterly.

Solutions for any industry or use case

Customers trust the data license to power their products.

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Fraud & Identity

Build machine learning models and fraud flags without facing latency constraints.

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Investment Intelligence

Create investment strategies that take into account entire industries or sectors.

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HR Tech

Flag churn risk, score company health, and learn about talent at the aggregate level.

Easily integrate with your systems

Append, transform, and sync data across the systems you use.


How does it work?

Get easy-to-use data delivered to you securely

Select your dataset

Choose from our Person Dataset or Company Dataset at the global or country-level scale. We provide our datasets in multiple formats, including JSON, Parquet and CSV.

Choose your data delivery method

Datasets are delivered to you via your Cloud Provider, the Amazon Data Exchange, or an FTP server.

Integrate your dataset

Our data is clean, structured, and comprehensive, making it easy to process and integrate with existing data.

Refresh your dataset

Don’t worry about your data going stale. We deliver our dataset every quarter via your specified delivery method.

What will you build?

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