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Surface relevant job titles and skills

Enhance job search and candidate discovery

Eliminate the need for complex queries

Get clean, comprehensive Person Search inputs from a single job title or skill.

Discover which skills or job titles are most relevant

Pinpoint statistically relevant rather than most common or obvious skills or job titles.

Find more relevant search results

Directly pass results into Person Search API queries to build a list of highly relevant profiles.

Insights powered by data science

The Job Title and Skills APIs are powered by our vast dataset that enables you to easily discover skills and/or job titles that are highly related.

Fueling the future of HR tech

Talent acquisition
Talent acquisition

Identify similar job titles or skills for open roles to find the most relevant candidates.

Candidate enrichment
Candidate enrichment

Enrich profiles to match users with job opportunities based on sets of skills or relevant job titles.

AI recruiting
AI recruiting

Interpret vague job descriptions and search queries to intelligently connect recruiters with the right candidates.

Built to use with the Person Search API

Our algorithm does the heavy lifting so you can plug enriched data into your workflow.

Job Title Enrichment API

Input a job title and return the following from the job titles dataset, based on a proprietary algorithm:

  • The canonical job title from our job titles dataset
  • A list of up to five other similar job titles
  • A list of up to five relevant skills

View documentation

Skill Enrichment API

Input a skill and return the following from the skill dataset, based on a proprietary algorithm:

  • The canonical skill title from our skills dataset
  • A list of up to five other similar skills
  • A list of up to five relevant job titles

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Built for developers, by developers

Our easy to use RESTful API and SDKs let you get started in a few lines of code

1import requests, json
3# Set your API key
6# Set the Autocomplete API URL
7PDL_URL = "https://api.peopledatalabs.com/v5/autocomplete"
9# Create a parameters JSON object
10PARAMS = {
11    "api_key": API_KEY,
12    "field": "school",
13    "text": "stanf",
14    "size": 10,
15    "pretty": True
18# Pass the parameters object to the Autocomplete API
19json_response = requests.get(PDL_URL, params=PARAMS).json()
21# Print the API response in JSON format

How does it work?

Our Job Title and Skill Enrichment APIs are built to take recruiting and hiring to the next level.

Input a single job title or skill

The APIs include normalization functionality to transform the input into its cleaned value from the People Data Labs database.

Receive enriched metadata

The cleaned value is mapped to a database with additional meta-information about that job title or skill.

Input results into the Person Search API

Use the results to enhance search queries with highly relevant job and skill inputs.

What will you build?