Person Search API

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On-demand access to over 3 billion profiles

Choose from over 140+ different field attributes to find targeted segments of person profiles from our Person Dataset.
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Bridge the gaps in your data

Our Person Search API provides entirely comprehensive and compliant data on over 3 billion professional profiles, giving you the information you need to efficiently innovate.

Do business, better

Sales and Marketing
Sales and Marketing

Feed Your Funnel

Generate on-demand lists of targeted leads and custom audiences for focused outbound campaigns.

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Talent Acquisition

Find the right candidate

Reveal hard-to-find talent for even the most niche roles.

Investment Research

Uncover Actionable Insights

Source new investment opportunities leveraging our industry-leading labor and employment data.

Competitive Intelligence

Improve Strategic Decision Making

Understand your market size and model target customer profiles by curating custom demographic populations.

How It Works

Our Person Search API is built for developers, by developers.


Specify which profile you want

Use 140+ demographic attributes to specify the profiles you are looking for including job titles, employment history, educational background, skills, location and more. Exploit the full expressive power of SQL or Elasticsearch query language syntax.


Get your results

Matching records are quickly identified across our Person Dataset and sent back to you. You have full control over the number of matching profiles returned back, from a just single record to everything in our dataset.

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No code? No problem.

Use our integrations to easily integrate our data into your workflows without writing a single line of code.
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