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Building a high-confidence recruiting network

Key Results:

An increase in the number of successful referrals
A 20% increase in overall match rate between candidate and profile
A reduction in mismatches to near zero
The confidence and transparency to conduct a data-driven business in a relationship-intensive field

Hunt Club, an executive tech-enabled talent firm and SaaS provider, needed a data source to help build high-confidence linked between its network of 13,000 industry experts and a pool of over 6 million high-quality candidates. The firm uses these connections to secure influential referrals and identify top-tier candidates for its talent acquisition and executive search clients so accurate high-confidence matches are key to the company’s success and reputation. They partnered with People Data Labs to empower their engineers to work with the data more easily upfront in a way that scaled with their business by building on our Enrichment API rather than managing the cumbersom ETL processes needed to ingest bulk date.