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Deconstructing Big Tech

Join us as we dive into the data to explore some fresh insights and trends affecting big tech at a time of professional and economic change. We'll use People Data Labs' proprietary person and company data to examine tech leaders like Amazon, Apple, Meta, Google, and Microsoft to understand how they grew into the companies they are today, what makes their current workforce tick, and how PDL's data can provide an insider view into any company, organization, or industry segment.

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What we'll cover
How the big 5 tech companies built the teams to power massive growth
What skills and and roles they prioritized at critical junctures throughout their history
How PDL’s skills data can help us learn about the technologies, tools and structures these companies rely on
How their workforces are distributed globally, and how that’s shifted in our remote work world
Your host

Dan Zarrella

B2B Content Scientist

People Data Labs

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