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ENTITY rESOLUTION & data building


We work with engineering teams who are building out their people data. By leveraging our Data Union of 1.2 billion unique profiles, engineering teams are powering internal entity resolution to increase data linkages, and matching processes. Rely on our 17 different unique identifiers to build your database, and further leverage our data standardization, canonical datasets, taxonomies, and data pipeline to clean your data as well.




A unique engineering partnership.

Workable is the leading Applicant Tracking System for mid-market companies, enabling recruiters to find, track, and hire candidates. Through a close engineering partnership, Workable has successfully built a suite of candidate data products, including enrichment of candidate profiles across their platform, modeling of new applicants, building sourcing platforms, and more.

"With a simple integration, People Data Labs collects, aggregates, cleans, matches, deduplicates, all our information about candidates so we do not have to actually produce the data technology and resources ourselves."

-Nikos Moraitakis, CEO Workable


Engineering and product teams at HR Tech companies rely on our Data Union of 1.2 billion unique person profiles to power candidate data functionality within their platforms. We work with hundreds of HR Tech companies, and leverage this expertise in working with your engineering team to ensure successful data products. 



+ Candidate Enrichment

+ Candidate Sourcing

+ AI & Matching

+ Candidate Matching via Personal Email & Social URL




Enterprises are leveraging the data they collect on people in entirely new ways in the rapidly emerging smart enterprise wave. It will be crucial for enterprises to leverage their people data to build analysis, predictive models, efficient workflows, anti-fraud, and many other use cases across the enterprise.

We form unique data partnerships with enterprise data science and engineering teams to provide a data foundation for your next decade of innovation. All of our relationships are rooted in engineering, and we partner closely to ensure your people database is built and maintained, enabling your team to focus on the actual analysis.





Madison Logic is a leading accounts based marketing technology company. They rely on our industry standard Data Union to build out their database of people, to enable efficient targeting of decision makers. 

Through a close engineering partnership, Madison Logic has built, and maintains a massive database of person profiles, which is crucial in powering their innovative accounts targeting platform.

We work with many marketing technology teams to help them build, and maintain a people data foundation for their products.


A new wave of Sales Technology companies rely on People Data Labs to build a data foundation for their products. By leveraging our Data Union of 1.2 billion unique person profiles, many people data based features are possible. We work with engineering and data science teams at sales tech companies to ensure successful building of these features.

+  Power Customer Insights/ AI/ Predictive  Modeling

+  Lead Sourcing

+  Social Media Segmentation

+  Email Campaigns



We work closely with hundreds of people data engineering teams. Get in touch now.