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Identity risk management for the 21st century

Immediate access to risk profiles for assessment and customer intelligence

Identify API

Instant access to PDL's global identity dataset

Comprehensive identity information

Access extensive records on work, education, and location history as well as associated professional and social profiles.

Flexible search criteria

Search for information using a combination of input parameters including name, email, phone, location, employment, social profiles, and more.

Match against multiple identities

Dive into the long-tail data of associated profiles for a given identity.

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Powering fraud & risk use cases

The Identify API is used to build comprehensive profiles for specific individuals from our person dataset.

Fraud prevention
Fraud prevention

Build informed risk models to confidently identify and categorize suspicious events and bad-faith actors.

Know your customer
Know your customer

Streamline customer onboarding and transactions by focusing fraud mitigation efforts towards your most risky users.

"PDL's ability to link individual person data to fresh and accurate B2B data through unique APIs proved a perfect match for the challenges facing commercial credit vendors in this time of accelerating online and offline entrepreneurship."

Leading Credit Vendor in Healthcare

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Built for developers, by developers

Our easy to use RESTful API and SDKs let you get started in a few lines of code

1import requests, json
3# Set your API key
6# Set the Autocomplete API URL
7PDL_URL = "https://api.peopledatalabs.com/v5/autocomplete"
9# Create a parameters JSON object
10PARAMS = {
11    "api_key": API_KEY,
12    "field": "school",
13    "text": "stanf",
14    "size": 10,
15    "pretty": True
18# Pass the parameters object to the Autocomplete API
19json_response = requests.get(PDL_URL, params=PARAMS).json()
21# Print the API response in JSON format

How does it work?

Our Person Identify API is built to allow you to find the right people at the right time.

Provide broad information

Input information you have on an individual, even if it is not unique. The list of supported inputs includes names, email addresses, company information, profiles, and much more.

Find the matching profiles from our Person Dataset

The API cleans the input parameter values, and searches for the profiles most likely associated.

API returns the full profile of the best matching record

Retrieve up to 20 of the best matching profiles, ranked by their match score. If no match is found, it could indicate identify fraud.

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance

We source our data through our Data Union, a proprietary data-sharing co-op, as well as through publicly available data sources.

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