Identify API + Person Risk attributes


Identity risk management for the 21st century

Immediate access to risk profiles for assessment and customer intelligence

Reach untapped markets composed of traditionally thin-profile customers

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    Bolster poorly understood customers with professional identity, including social media metadata

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    Accelerate manual review processes

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    Reduce friction during sign-up

Detect identity risk with a global dataset of known professional and social profiles

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    Reliably identify suspicious and synthetic identities

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    Sourced from domains with virtually no consumer credit fraud

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    Millions of identities from outside the USA

Understand invisible or data-poor customers to build market share

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    Assess lifetime value based on professional history and career trajectory

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    Optimize market segmentation and customer intelligence

Identity Risk Solutions

Introducing our Identify API and Person Risk Attributes
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Identify API

Instant access to PDL’s global identity dataset.
Comprehensive identity information

Access extensive records on work, education and location history as well as associated professional and social profiles.

Flexible search criteria

Search for identity information using a combination of fully configurable input parameters including name, email, phone, location, employment, social profiles and more.

Match against multiple identities

Dive into the long-tail of associated profiles for a given identity.

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data flow map

Person Risk Attributes

Augment all person profile information with a set of 23 unique and proprietary risk attributes.
Detailed identity building blocks

Entries for date first seen, date last seen and number of sources for key PII attributes.

Information on social connections

See number of connections, friends, and followers with associated social profiles.

Deeper and broader identity information

Access full lists of previously associated phone numbers, email addresses, locations and more.

View all person risk attributes

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance

We source our data through our Data Union, a proprietary data-sharing co-op, as well as through publicly available data sources.

Learn more about our data sourcing practices

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