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Lock down fraudulent activity

Save time and money fighting fraud by using our trusted datasets to detect and address suspicious activity with confidence.

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Powering Fraud & Identity Mitigation Solutions

From detection, to classification, to prevention, optimize your risk mitigation efforts using a powerful dataset of real-world identities.

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Fraud Prevention

Build informed risk models to confidently identify and categorize suspicious events and bad-actors.

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Identity Resolution

Access extensive records on work, education and location history as well as associated professional and social profiles.

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Know Your Customer

Streamline customer onboarding and transactions by focusing automated fraud mitigation efforts towards your most risky users.

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Address identity risk with confidence

Trusted dataset of known professionals

Leverage our global company dataset for market research and investment insights.

Built for risk modeling

Save time, money, and effort building your models on top of our structured data records and risk-focused metadata.

Ethical data stewardship

Compliant, opt-in data sourcing ensures dependable, ongoing access to information.

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Hundreds of unique data points

Leverage the most comprehensive identity graph on the market.

  • Phone Numbers
  • Emails
  • Location
  • Social Profiles
  • Contact Information

Fraud & Identity Resources


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